Decluttering – September 2019

I think it’s pretty obvious that I moved from one room to a completely different one this month. I don’t really like putting things in the bin (oh, the environment!) so once I work out how to dispose of one thing in a way I find acceptable, I follow the pattern.

  • 1 top that I hate-wore when I was behind on laundry and was SO glad to get rid of.
  • 1 top that I wanted to love…but I just could never make suit me.
  • 1 skirt (that matched a top I got rid of last month…oops).
  • 3 cans of food
  • Nearly 2kg of coconut flour – I knew I would never use this but there in the pantry it languished anyway.
  • Wheatgrass – urgh
  • Spirulina – doubly urgh as wheatgrass, only half as interesting nutritionally. Ouuuut.
  • 1kg of cocoa butter – there was no way in heck I was going to be able to use this up by myself, so out it went.

After getting started last month at speed, I had a really clear image of the fact that I had these food bits in the house, didn’t use them and wasn’t going to so needed to give/donate as soon as possibly.

It’s lovely when a little bit of clarity leads to a lot, isn’t it?

Image result for gif clarity

Use up club:

  • Facial spritz (gifted in 2017)
  • A leave in conditioner bought in 2018/2017.
  • A body wax (bought back in 2016)

Then I basically took theeee most boogie ass bath ever and instantly used up:

  • A small bag of rose petals (bought in 2016)
  • Epsom Salts (bought in 2016)
  • Silk peptide powder (bought in 2016)
  • 7 vanilla tea lights.
Bubbles in the bath, bubbles in the drink...a towel on the happily mustachioed face and a scented candle in the background...This person is living their best life.

I made absolutely £0 from this month. I just couldn’t be bothered – I used my initial burst of energy and enthusiasm to get rid of the last batch but couldn’t muster up the energy for this lot.

Plus, season wise, it felt weird – everyone seemed to be getting ready to go back to school and none of the stuff I was looking at really seemed to fit. Basically, my brain said:

Image result for noone wants gif

I wanted rid and I got rid and had less time to sell. I think I also was less inclined to sell these things because…I didn’t think they were worth much?

I know the whole “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure” mantra but this month I felt grateful just at not having to pay someone to take these things away for me….

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