October declutter – Shirking Responsibility and Stuff.

A clothing rail with some empty hangers and some holding items of clothing.

To say October was a busy month is nothing short of an understatement. Work picked up, as did my course, we had three birthdays in the family and my time suddenly felt squeezed from all sides.

Image result for time stressed gif

Add to that losing my blogging time (for work) and I lost my main source of accountability, leaving decluttering to mostly just fall to the wayside.

Looking back through my notes, I managed to get rid of:

  • A clothing rail
Image result for is that all gif

Yes, that’s all, Overly Posh Gif Man. I admit, at first, I too was surprised to see only one item for this month in my notes.

But it makes sense. I feel that Autumn and the turning of the leaves officially herald the holiday season. Almost everyone I know if getting ready and gearing up for a celebration or holiday of some kind – we’re buying more and preparing for ultimate cosiness.

Also, arranging for the drop off of the rail was a two and a half week process in itself which I was so focused on, I couldn’t really think of getting rid of anything else.
Plus, the Hatchling’s sleep routine is variable so I don’t push my luck and go for an afternoon jaunt to the charity shops if it looks like we’re heading to sleepy town.

There’s less hours and sunlight up here in the Northern Hemisphere, leading to far less desire to squint into cupboards and see what’s actually there and needs getting rid of (at least on my part). When I see all my nonsense (SO MUCH STUFF!) I’m basically like:

Image result for ignoring gif

Look, I know the oncoming darkness is a poor excuse to not do stuff but I’m a dragon, not a hobbit – I don’t do more than sleep is necessary if I can help it.

Image result for hibernating gif

Image credit: EVG photos from Pexels.com

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