December/January Declutter: So, I KonMari’d my clothes.

White Long Sleeves Shirts on Brown Wooden Clothes Hanger

Shoutout to the Hatchling for sparking off this whole process.

‘Cos you know what helps me declutter faster?

A baby/now toddler being able to open and access the drawers I traditionally keep my clutter crap in.

Image result for oh no gif zoom

I started off with some of the things in there:

Empty sunscreen bottle – …I’d forgotten it was in there.
Neutralising gel

An AHA facial cream – I ordered it specially from Poland. It used to make my face feel all burny even in the midst of winter and I took that as a sign of effectiveness. I’m past that now.
One hipster mug/jar –
the Hatchling sliced open a finger on a metallic design detail. Out.
A watercolour set and paintbrush
One mobile phone (including battery)
– I didn’t realise you could give non working mobile phones to charity shops (specifically, Oxfam in this case) for them to be recycled. Normally, I pass phones on but this phone has some sort of dodgy adware installed into the phone itself. uHappy? No, I am not. Out.
A Monopoly cat figurine – Confiscated however many years ago when my (class) kids were having an argument over it.
I don’t know why, the top hat is clearly superior.
Anyway, it has been returned back to its rightful game.

…but then decided I needed to be more systematic than tossing random items I didn’t want my child to try and devour.

Enter Marie Kondo .

Image result for marie kondo gif

I picked up a copy of Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy from the library and read the whole thing cover from cover. It touts itself as a get-straight-into-the-process encyclopedia, which I loved because I’m super impulsive and want to start things immediately currently time poor, so appreciated the short cut.

I don’t do much clothes shopping, so I thought it wouldn’t take too long.

I was so naive.

Image result for sigh oh honey gif"

You start your tidying festival by dumping all your clothes in one space so you can really see how much stuff you truly have.

Image result for marie kondo gif

By the time I was done doing this, the 1 year old Hatchling was no longer visible behind the mound of clothes.
When standing.
I mean, it was a little like this in my living room:

Image result for clothes mountain gif"

A lot of the clothes were things I’d been given (so I wasn’t really a secret, sleeping shopaholic – phew!) that I’d felt obliged to keep. But getting rid of them made me feel soooooo good!
Goodbye guilt over how much that person spent on something I don’t think suits me!
Sayonara spiralling panic over when I’m EVER going to wear that frilly pink and blue meringue dress a relative bought me that reminds me of the worst part of the 80s (no, seriously).

  • Purple bandana
  • 6 tops, including a black embroidered top (from 2006 – seriously, why did I still have it?)
  • 7 dresses
  • Lab coat
  • A torn winter coat, also from 2006 (clearly a great year for fashion, amirite?)
  • Pink skirt
  • Yellow skirt
  • Navy sweater jacket
  • Old sports kit
  • Two piece outfit
  • 4 scarves
  • A pair of boots
  • A pair of sunglasses
  • 4 hair accessories I never used
  • 5 necklaces

I’m still not completely done done with clothes – there are some hanging up like pieces of ‘maybe’ art, while I decide whether I want them or not.

Next up after this is papers, I think.
I hope the recycling bin is ready.

Image result for paper bin gif

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