This blog

Do you ever look at people and wonder what they’re doing with their money? Like, how they decide what to do with it? Itching at the bit to have a conversation about that most taboo of subjects?

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And British people are notoriously rubbish at talking about their money, how they make it and how it all works.
I don’t like the feeling that something that’s so integral to the way our society works is treated like it just happens by magic.

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So think of this blog as like a peek inside my financial doings – what I’m buying, what I’m selling and what I’m doing with the money left over…if any is left over.

About me

I’m Draig – hoarder extraordinaire, overly cautious investor and avid devourer of sweet baked goods (or fried – I love you too doughnuts and churros). Pronouns she/her/the Captain/Corporal of a Fiery Hoard.

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I speak fluent Gif and Emoji and pretty good Meme (though my Movie & Cultural Reference is a lil rusty.)

I share my life with my husband and the Hatchling, Literal Snatcher of Hairlines and Edges, our first child. (I’m pretty big on titles).

I’m passionate about Financial education and literacy, especially in groups that are traditionally ostracized from this (like women and minority groups).

As the daughter of immigrants from an old colony, I was taught two things by my parents from a young age about money and life:

  1. Life as a black girl was going to be doubly, doubly tough so I was going to have to work four times as hard as Joe Bloggs to get that what I needed and
  2. Education was my path to prosperity.

Unfortunately for my parents (and their dreams of living in hedonistic luxury based on my imaginary 6-figure income) , I took number 2. far too literally and became a teacher.

I’ve never forgotten lesson number 1.
But instead of working hard, I want to work smart – I want my money to work for me as hard as my mind does and to use my resources to build a life that I cherish.

So, if like me:

  • You never had a lesson 3 or 4 or 5 or feel you’re missing some pretty integral lessons about money (“How did they afford that?” “What are different ways of making money?” “Let’s talk about credit…”)
  • You really, really want to buy some pricey items and aren’t sure if doing so is financially responsible of you or not.
  • You don’t think waiting for someone else to make all the money decisions and making for you is a good or viable option
  • You care about the planet and want to know about different options apart from the glass bottle/bamboo everything aesthetic
  • You’re not sure that traditional, financial mainstream advice is for you and aren’t sure where to go to find out what others are doing.
  • You want a rich life and aren’t sure if ‘being rich’ is the way to do it.
  • You think taking it slowly works just as well as hitting them milestones
  • You want to consider ways to afford a life that you’ll love

Then this blog may be for you!
It’s already great to meet you and I hope that we can support each other on our respective financial paths.