Saving Money on your Wedding

Beautiful lush palm trees overhang white chair separated by a grass aisle. A wooden frame with drawn back curtains is at the top of the aisle.

It’s wedding season y’all!

Laughing like whoo amongst the falling confetti and balloons

I love weddings – the excitement, the amuse bouches, the joy, the tasty wedding favours, the love buzzing in the air and most importantly… the cake.

So quick pop quiz: How much does it cost to get married in England and Wales?

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Money Saving and the Bullet Journal

Teachers and stationary – it’s a love story that transcends time and space. From parchment and quills and ink to highlighters, purple pen(cil)s, calendars and post its…phew, is anyone else feeling slightly warm right now?

I’m super into planners. Like SUPER into them.

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