The Marshmallow Test and Money – What are you Saving For?

Four multicoloured macarons = three in a tower (peach at the bottom, pink in the centre, lilac at the top) with the fourth (green) leaning against the tower.

Children taking the marshmallow test is one of my very favourite things to watch on Youtube.

The premise, if you’re not familiar with it, is simple: “Hey, kid. Here’s a marshmallow. I’m going to leave the room. If that marshmallow is still there when I come back, you get another one.”
Adorable hilarity ensues.

Image result for marshmallow experiment gif

Apparently, the studies done into the Marshmallow Experiment proved a whole raft of benefits for those who were able to delay gratification. Fortunately for those of us who struggle to resist or delay temptation for 10 minutes or more, the results are in doubt since they’ve never been able to fully replicate the results of the test.

But it did make me think of what I would have done if they’d done that experiment on me as a kid.

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